Hub Text Alerts

Emails are fine for certain notifications, but in an emergency sms text messages are more convenient and effective. I have been using Textlocal an email-to-sms gateway service, which works tremendously well in the UK. I understand they can operate in other countries, but you may want find an alternative local provider for this service. Basically, you send an email which contains the mobile phone number in the recipient address, and the body of the email is sent as the text message.

There is one user-setting for the Text Provider. The mobile number will be substituted for the placeholder e.g. {0} Your chosen provider will detail the format in their documentation. Once you have signed up for a gateway service, and configured the user-setting, all that remains is to add your mobile number to the sensor in the Txt Recipient box.

In the next post we will configure the zones, which define the layout of the house, and form the backdrop of the current values view for the website.